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28.07.2008 - EJC Jolleystick Competition | 05 aug 2008 in Karlsruhe 2 pm

Fellow Devilstickers, next tuesday (08/05/2008) will be the 8th european jolleystick competition in karlsruhe during the ejc2008. links: www.devilstick.de/EJC.htm www.devilstick.de/english/info/jolleystick.htm www.ejc2008.de

10.08.2005 - Devilstick Newsletter 01|2005

During the EJC 2005 in Ptuj (www.ejc2005.com) we will have the 5th European Jolleystick Competition. Please see date and details at the information board, rules at www.devilstick.de/EJC.htm. It would be great if we could have a devilstick.de-meeting at the bar this year again ! i will post a date at the board... Hope to see you in Slowenia !

06.07.2004 - Devilstick Newsletter 01|2004

Fellow devilstickers ! The European Juggling Convention 2004 is upcoming and I would like to inform you about some interesting devilstick news: *** European Jolleystick Competition During the EJC 2004 in Carvin we will have the 4th European Jolleystick Competition. Scheduled Date: Thursday, 29. July 2004, 2 pm Jolleystick is like volley ball or volley club, but played with a devilstick. The rules and more informations are available at http://www.devilstick.de/EJC.htm. You'll find the last year competition video on the website too. Beside the PRO competition we will have a FUN competition this year for devilstickers without competition experience. The competition will be sponsored by PassePasse, Beard and Devilstick.de and there will be a unique competition T-Shirt. Preregister until 20. July and you'll get the competition T-Shirt for free - just send an eMail to info@devilstick.de. Date may change - please see infoboard in Carvin to check out changes and location. 1 pm training and information about rules. *** Devilstick.de Workshop In Carvin we will have a Devilstick.de workshop where we'll get together and everybody who wants can explain his posted devilstick tricks. Recently there are 127 tricks posted in the trick database (www.devilstick.de/english/interactive/tricks.asp) - if you know a new trick please post it to the database and show it in Carvin. *** Pic of the Week at Devilstick.de Since a few months devilstickers from all over the world are presented on the main page of devilstick.de. Please send your devilstick picture to pic@devilstick.de. *** Devilstick-Link: "The Definitive DevilSticks Page" Please check out the devilstick website from Blake Speers www.vicfootbag.com/vicjuggle/Devilsticks - it's excellent ! *** I'm looking forward to meet you at the convention !

18.08.2003 - 3rd European Jolleystick Competition in Svendborg

Hi Devilstickers, during the EJC in Svendborg we had the 3rd European Jolleystick Competition. Our new champion is Kasper from Denmark, who won the final against Patrick from Canada. 13 participants from Danmark, Switzerland, Italy, Canada and Germany took part. All infos are available at www.devilstick.de/EJC.htm This year there is also a competition video with all matches of the winner Kasper from Danmark: www.devilstick.de/videos/Jolleystick2003.wmv Thanks to our sponsor www.goudurix.com, who sponsored flowersticks for the winners and caps for all devilstickers. Thanks to Alex, Patrick and their team ! Also I wish to thank for everybody helping and scoring, it was a really nice atmosphere and I'm looking forward to the next competition in Lille/France 2004 !

05.08.2003 - 3rd EJC Jolleystick Competition

Fellow devilstickers ! Today started the European Juggling Convention 2003 in Svendborg (www.ejc2003.dk). During the festival we will have the third jolleystick competition ! Scheduled Date: Monday, 11. August 2003, 12 am Date may change - please see infoboard to check out changes and location. 11 am training and information about rules. Jolleystick is like volley ball or volley club, but played with a devilstick. The rules and more informations are available at http://www.devilstick.de/EJC2003.htm. I'm looking forward to meet you at the convention !

31.05.2002 - Devilstick-Event in 14 days...

Fellow devilstickers ! from 06/14 - 06/16/2002 we'll have a devilstick event in Kaiserslautern, Germany. There will be a lot of devilstick workshops, the 1st german jolleystick competition, a devilstick test center, a video feedback system and more funny stuff. If you are close to Germany at that time, feel free to visit the event. Please send me an email if you need more informations.

21.08.2001 - EJC Rotterdam

Fellow devilstickers ! In this newsletter I would like to inform you about the European Juggling Convention in Rotterdam 2001. It was raining a little bit during the week, but we all had a really good time at the convention. A lot of devilstickers joined the festival. In the opening show were two devilstick acts: Luci Lou (sp?) from Hamburg/Germany performed with nice acrobatic parts and Han Toan Lim from the Netherlands with his characteristic devilstick moves. There were many devilstick workshops: Jan Bernd (GER) explained tricks with throwing handsticks (see german trick database). Corinae Florent (F) teached a beginners workshop and also Han Toan Lim (NL), who held another intermediate workshop later. After the jolleystick competition we had a devilstick breakout session followed by a 2 devilstick workshop (Markus, GER). Sorry, if I missed some informations, please tell me. By the way, Markus Furtner (GER) did a new world record by holding 2 devilsticks in the air doing the idle for 15 minutes ! Congratulations ! We had the 1st European Jolleystick Competition with 12 competitors. On the website there are some informations and pictures about the competition - a detailed english report will follow and be in the next issue of kaskade, the european juggling magazine... Here are the Winners: 1. Devil-Henning (D) 2. Markus Furtner (D) 3. Pierrick Lamy (F) 4. Nick Christian (UK) Competitors: Jan Farrow (UK) Nick Christian (UK) Pierrick Lamy (F) Florent (F) Eemeli Aro (Finnland) Anita Kainar (D) Jan Bernd (D) Markus Furtner (D) Tim Wenzion (D) Devil-Henning (D) Alex (D) Christoph (D) NEW: Since august there is available the first devilstick cd rom: "Faszination Devilstick" - with an offline version of the website (german) and a multimedia presentation video - more infos on the website !

01.08.2001 - Pick of the Week !

Fellow devilstickers ! www.devilstick.de is 'Pick of the Week' of the Internet Juggling Database (http://www.jugglingdb.com) ! "The Internet Juggling Database (IJDb) is a new website aiming to be the hub of all juggling related activity on the internet and already succeeding. It is an banner ad free portal to juggling. The juggling yahoo. And it's growing fast." In Rotterdam we will try to have at least one devilstick workshop every day. And there will be some famous devilstick world records attempts like 100m double propeller race etc. We are looking forward to have a great festival for devilstickers ! Informations about the 1st European Jolleystick-Competition are available at http://www.devilstick.de/EJC_2001.htm

27.07.2001 - EJC Jolleystick Competition

Fellow devilstickers ! During the European Juggling Convention 2001 in Rotterdam there will be the first jolleystick competition. Jolleystick is like volley ball or volley club, but played with a devilstick. The event is supported by sponsors - there will be nice prizes for the winners. The rules and more informations are available at http://www.devilstick.de/EJC_2001.htm.

17.07.2001 - Devilstick Trick Database

Fellow devilstickers ! The devil stick trick database on devilstick.de is available now ! And there is an english version of that part of the website :-) It's possible to select different categories and levels of difficulty. Also you can order the tricks by level or date, so you can see the newest tricks at first. You can post yourself tricks directly to that database. If everybody who signed this newsletter will post only *one* trick description, there will be more than 50 new tricks soon ! Let's go ! For the best contributes I'll ship a free CD-Rom with an offline Version of the website and a multi media devilstick video - deadline is 07/31/2001. Thanks, we all are looking forward to *your* posting !

18.04.2001 - Landshut + Jolley Stick

Fellow devilstickers ! In this newsletter I would like to inform you about the juggling convention in Landshut, Germany and would like to introduce a new devilstick game. It was a great convention for devilstickers. Approx. 130 jugglers came to Bavaria and there were 15 devilstickers, some of them playing with two devilsticks. We had a workshop "cigar box like devil stick tricks" and an intermediate devil stick workshop. Markus was the winner of the games, devil stick limbo. Christoph performed in the public show with a wonderful devil stick routine. During the convention we developed a new devil stick game: jolley stick. It's like volley ball or volley club, but played with a devilstick. You have to play the devilstick over a net into the opposite field. Each competitor only uses one handstick. The service has to be a propeller throw and must not touch the net. You can throw back the devilstick in every plane you want (propeller, helicopter, saw). Every point counts, after 5 points service changes like at table tennis. A game is finished at 21 points. The devilstick is outside the field, if the first contact of both ends is outside the field. So if the first contact of the left end or the first contact of the right end of the stick is in the field, it's ok - no matter where the devilstick is coming to rest. The field size is 3x3 meter wich is approx. 10x10 ft. The net height is 1,50m or 5 feet. During the european juggling convention we will have our first jolley stick competition !

03.03.2001 - Convention-Report HI

Fellow Devilstickers ! Here some informations about the 16th Hawaiian Juggling Festival. It was held at Camp Mokuleia on the North Shore of the island Oahu (18.-25.02.2001). Most jugglers of the past festival at Spencers (Big Island, 1999) came back this year. Not much devilstickers were there, but a wonderful festival again. Relaxing, juggling, ocean kayak, whale whatching, big waves, hiking and more... There was no *spam* show this year ;-) but a renegade and lots of live music bands. In the public show I did performe with the same routine as in NZ one week ago. Some pictures and more infos about the festival are available at http://www.hawaiianjugglingfestival.com/ Finally I would like to inform you about a posting of Seth Golub in rec.juggling: Seth Golub wrote in rec.juggling (24.02.2001): "new devil stick(ish) pictures and movies online I just put some new photos and movies up on my web site. There are photos of some of the strange props I've made and movies of me using some of them. I also made a movie of me doing one of my favorite devil stick tricks. It's all in here: http://www.aigeek.com/devil-stick/"

24.02.2001 - Convention-Report NZ

Fellow Devilstickers ! In this newsletter I would like to inform you about the New Zealand Juggling Festival in Paekakreki (15.-18.02.2001). The convention was close to a beach 40 km north of Wellington, there were 120-130 jugglers. Some good devilstickers were there. Irene from Austria (she's livin in NZ and Australia now) is really good, Leila who organized the festival (can play two devils with 4 handsticks) and Matthew, a flowerstick player from New Zealand. He performed at the renegade show undressing his T-Shirt while juggling his flowerstick. I held a devilstick workshop for all levels, Metthew was helping me. We both were the devilstick-finalists at the olympics: propeller-endurance, after a few minutes I tried to put his hat over his eyes, I'm really sorry because his devilstick was falling down by this action ;-). During the public show I performed with one and two devilsticks and a sparkling stick. Irene performed also with an black light act twirling two devilsticks with her fingers. It was a good public show and a really nice convention. If you are planning to visit New Zealand in the next years I really would recommend this festival. February is also a very good time to travel through New Zealand. I am now at the Hawaiian juggling festival, information will be posted soon...

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