Devilstick CD-Rom: "Fascination Devilstick"

Since 2001 the first devil stick cd-rom is available. For beginners and advanced devilstickers. The cd-rom contains all animations and trick descriptions, informations and pictures of this website. In addition there are videos of the devilstick event, the 3rd European Jolleystick Competition and a presentation video of Devil-Henning.

"The art of devilsticking is to hit a wooden stick back and forth or spin it around. How this works and which fascinating possibilies exists to use this juggling prop is described on the cd."

The cd rom contains a multimedia presentation video of Devil-Henning and an offline version of this website. You can find informations about devilsticking and more than 60 animated trick descriptions. Categories: getting started, variations, propeller style tricks, helicopter style tricks, saw style tricks, balance tricks and playing with two devil sticks.

Languages: English, German
CD menu: English, French, German, Spain

price: 15 EUR or 15 USD (shipping included)

*** New: More Videos !

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