Devilstick-Event 2002

From 14.-16.06.2002 there was the first devilstick event in Kaiserslautern, Germany ! More than 40 devilstickers from all parts of Germany, Finnland and France came to the convention.

At wonderful weather we had three really good days in Kaiserslautern.


We had workshops for all levels leaded by Jan Bernd, Marc, Anita and Henning. Thanks for your engagement !

Jan Bernd at workshop
photo: Nicole Puppel

With ten devilstickers we had a big and great performance during the public show. With yellow event shirts and black caps - sponsored by DEVILSTICK.DE - we inspired the audience with our act "The World of Devilsticks".

Glo-devilsticks at the beginning of the performance
photo: Radfahrerverein-Biblis

With glo-devilsticks, flowersticks, firesticks and devilsticks we performed in a breakdance style with one and two devils. The stage was not big enough for more than three double propellers side by side...

"The World of Devilsticks"
photo: Radfahrerverein-Biblis

1. German Jolleystick Competition
The competition took place outdoors at sunshine in a really nice atmosphere. The winner was Markus from Bavaria who won the final against Henning. The winner of the ladies class was Anita from Cuxhafen.

Jolleystick final. (photo: Enrico Pilz)

Devil's Fire Night
Friday and Saturday night: firesticks !

Devil's Fire Night
photo: Radfahrerverein-Biblis

Akrobat supported us with first class devilsticks. Thanks for supporting and sponsoring the prices for the jolleystick competition !

During EJC Karlsruhe (02.-10.08.2008)

During the  EJC 2008 in Karlsruhe will be the
8th European Jolleystick Competition.

More infos, pictures and videos are available here.




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