Entry in vendors listing

Devilstick.de is the main website for devilstickers - and listed as google #1 result.

Vendors with an online shop can advertise on the website.


entry in vendors listing (english site): 39 EUR + VAT per year
entry in 'händlerverzeichnis' (german site): 49 EUR + VAT per year
combi entry (english and german site): 69 EUR + VAT per year
setup fee (not to pay while extending): 39 EUR + VAT once

If you are interested just send an email to info@devilstick.de with the link to your online shop. We add your logo and adress to the vendors listing.

The fee has to be paid in advance for one year. The advertisement can be extended. If the fee is not paid, the entry will be removed from the listing.

It's possible to pay with PayPal.

With the money the costs of the website will be paid (provider, maintenance etc.). Thanks to everybody supporting the website !

Reselling Devilstick CD-Rom

If you are interested in reselling the devilstick CD-Rom please feel free to contact me to get further informations and reseller prices.



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