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half flip
learning propeller I
learning propeller II
propeller left/right
propeller r/l under leg
propeller r/l beyond leg
propeller r/l behind back
stop & go
propeller under leg
propeller beyond leg
propeller toss


Doing the idle the devilstick is hitten back and forth in the plane in front of your body. Doing the propeller the stick is spinning around continuously - like a rotor of a propeller aircraft.

You need some practice to keep the propeller under control. The devilstick ist forced by the handstick close to its middle and is touched only for a short moment.

There are a lot of propeller style tricks, most of them are bodytricks and tosses. It is quite helpful to be able to handle the propeller in both directions and also with both hands.


body tricks
alternate the handsticks

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