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tapped heli
both-handed tapped heli
one-handed heli
heli above wrist
devil henning's heli
fast curl
mills mess heli
heli under wrist
heli under leg
heli behind back


The helicopter is a movement where the devilstick is spinning flat through the air like a rotor of an helicopter. Even if you can't imagine - it is working and really fascinating.

Starting from the idle you force the devilstick from the vertical spin to a flat spin by alternating pushing and pulling with the handsticks. The easiest way to keep the devilstick in that plane is using both handsticks. You can play it one-handed as well or just give it a tap at each spin from underneath.

Really fascinating are the curls where the stick is spinning above and under the arm by turns.

At the helicopter style tricks there are a lot of body tricks and other varieties:

body tricks
using the wrist

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