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 Double Propeller

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Doing the double propeller one devilstick spins around the left handstick while another devilstick is spinning around the right handstick. It's easier to turn the devils assychron, i.e. both turn inside or both turn outside.

This trick requires that you are able to do a propeller with your right hand as well as with your left hand perfectly - without looking at it. The double propeller is difficult because you can't look at both sticks at the same time. This is a big difference to the tricks with one devilstick where you are using hand-eye coordination !

Both-side ability and peripheral seeing are the challenges for doing this trick. Most devilsticker doing the double propeller turn the sticks outwards, I prefer to turn them inwards. Turning outwards means to spin the right stick cw and the left stick ccw.


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