A devilstick set consists of a devilstick (center stick) and two handsticks (also called control sticks). The different types of devilsticks are described in more detail on the following page.

The art of devilsticking is to keep the center stick in the air using the two handsticks. Therefore it can be quite helpful to hold the handsticks at their ends, as you can see in the picture shown. The stretched out forefinger helps to transfer the motion sensitively to the devilstick. It makes sense not to hold the handsticks right at the end, but as shown in the picture. The devilstick is not hit to far at the end of the handsticks.

Haltung des Handstabes

There are quite a few options to control the devilstick with the two controlsticks. Some of the basical ones are described in the glossary, where you can also find important terms which are often used in the trick descriptions.

For the first steps take a look at the getting started section of the trick animations. The most important thing is not to get the motion just from your hands but also from your arms and the whole body. If you hit the devilstick using your wrists too much, you are going to lose control quite fast.

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