There are quite different types of devilsticks. The most common ones are the conical shaped wooden devil sticks, which are about 25 inches long. Usually the diameter of these sticks is half an inch in the middle and approx. one inch at the ends. Their surface can be quite different. There are textile tapes, glitter foils, insulating tape foam rubber etc. Especially at the beginning it's helpful to use a devilstick with a good grip.

Besides there are also straight forms with weights at the ends, e.g. disks, balls etc. By the higher mass at the ends the sticks receive a larger moment of inertia. Thus they spin slower and can be controlled more easily. By the way the same effect is achieved by the conical shape.

The handsticks - also called control sticks - are made of wood as well. They are covered with a silicone or rubber tube which is available in different thicknesses. Using the thicker one gives you better control of the devilstick, but you might feel more comfortable with the thinner one.

Further types of devilsticks are the flowerstick and the firestick. Besides there are a lot of versions from different manufacturers. Many devilstickers swear on selfmade ones. In the following three different sticks are shown.



The classical devilstick. A simple form and just beautiful... Beside the markings in the middle, there are also marks at the ends. They are quite helpful to find the right position to hit the devilstick.



The flowerstick has a straight form and in contrast to the devilstick stripes of leather, rubber or other material at its ends. Those frings give an additional weight at the ends and slow down the stick because of the higher friction while moving through the air.



The firestick is hot stuff ! There are straight and conical formed ones with wicks at the ends. You should use fuel which does not splash away while spinning the stick. Before lighting the stick you should get rid of the extra fuel which is not absorbed by the wicks. To do this hold the stick at one end and swing it downwards quickly.

It's a lot of fun, but be careful.

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