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tapped heli
both-handed tapped heli
one-handed heli
heli above wrist
devil henning's heli
fast curl
mills mess heli
heli under wrist
heli under leg
heli behind back

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Doing a curl the devilstick is spinning one turn above your arm and one turn under your arm to come back to its initial position. Curls are well known from other juggling props.

Shown in the animation the curl starts with a flat ccw helicopter spin. Then the devilstick is moving underneath the right arm. You have to bent your wrist that the handstick is pointing upwards, otherwise the devil will drop at this position. As soon as the devil moved across your arm lift your elbow. The devilstick is screwing upwards and continuous to turn above your arm. This part is similar to the heli above wrist but with sinking downwards your arm.

Tip: Try this movement at first without devilstick, e.g. with a shoe or something else. Or hold the devilstick with your thumb to get into the motion.


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